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GoMovies is a new way to discover new things and get fresh emotions. All movies and TV shows on our site are provided only for the purpose of preliminary acquaintance. If you like the content, you should purchase its digital version or on physical media to support the actors, directors, producers and all creators. Behind every movie or episode of a TV show is the hard work of many people who do a lot to make sure we are not bored with our lives.

GoMovies is an online streaming service that is completely free. Every day new movies and new episodes of TV shows are posted on GoMovies. Most videos are added to the site immediately in 1080p quality, which is optimal for viewing content on both smartphones and laptops.

Keep in mind that GoMovies is one of the few ways for low-income people to watch movies and TV shows. What about the person who can't buy a subscription to Netflix, HBO, Peacock or other paid streaming services? Yes, there are many such people and they too are in need of spiritual food. Therefore, GoMovies's mission is noble in a way - to give opportunity to those who don't have it for one reason or another.

What about the security of GoMovies?
The website, like any other website, is completely secure. Please note that the site is connected via a secure encrypted https protocol, which guarantees the safety and confidentiality of your data.

It is decidedly not clear why the perception that GoMovies could potentially contain any viruses or spyware is ingrained. Think about the fact that spyware contains just about all the most used apps on your phone: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others that give your data to corporations, which they handle at their discretion. Why would a small website created by enthusiasts for movie lovers do this? The answer is simple - absolutely no reason. Just as there is no need to put any viruses on the pages of the site. We are trying to popularize movies, not scare people away with potential dangers!


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